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Jasmine's Beauty Secrets

Red Jasper Hidden Message Candle

Red Jasper Hidden Message Candle

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Having trouble trusting your gut? I've got the candle for you. 

Hidden Message: I trust myself

Add a custom message of your choosing to give yourself or someone else a special surprise. Please keep messages short! Add you entry below the add to cart section.

Crystal: Red Jasper - Increases self trust, emotional guidance, and courage. 

Fragrance Notes: Cranberry Apple

Top - Orange Peel, Apple

Middle - Cranberry, Sugar, Cinnamon

Bottom - Clove, Wood

*100% Soy

*8 oz

*All natural, hand poured

*Roughly 40 hours burn time

*Remove beads and crystals as they begin to appear in wax

-What are the beads made of - acrylic 

-Can the beads melt in the candle? No, acrylic has a melting point of 320°F and soy wax only reaches a 180°F melting point so they won't melt in the wax.

-Please never leave your candle unattended 



Processing takes 2-7 business days, not including holidays. Once the package leaves our facility, shipping length is 2-7 days for all orders within the United States. 

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